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Clayton Shagal – Collagen Gel


Collagen gel is suitable for skin aged 35 and under in order to preventively treat signs of premature aging. This luxurious product deeply hydrates and revitalizes with its formula that penetrates the skin’s protective barrier.

Acid-soluble collagen minimizes the signs of premature aging and helps to heal skin wounds such as scars or irritations following cosmetic treatments. Skin texture and complexion is evened-out and plumped up.

With non-hydrolyzed acid-soluble native marine collagen
Accelerates skin regeneration
Minimizes signs of premature aging
Optimizes the results of cosmetic treatments (injectables, laser, etc.)
Hydrates, tones, smoothes and regulates the skin
Use daily in the evening
Apply to clean, dry skin (face, neck, eye area)
Let it penetrate completely
Follow with a Clayton Shagal moisturizer


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