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Skin Tag Treatment


Skin Tag Treatment in Toronto – an exciting new skin care service & freedom from unpleasant and unsightly skin conditions

Dermo-lo is an exciting new skin care procedure that permanently eliminates skin blemishes in as little as one to three appointments. It’s a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t pierce the skin, and can effectively treat many of the unpleasant and unsightly skin conditions that skin care patients present:

Skin Tags. Benign skin growths hanging from the skin surface
Ruby Points. Common vascular lesion (known as Cherry Angiomas)
Telangectasia. Dilation of capillaries – smallish red or purple clusters
Stellar angioma. Swollen blood vessels under the skin (Spider Veins)
Milia. A small, white bump, typically on the nose or cheeks, around the eyes
Cholesterol Deposit. Small yellowish deposits that form around the eyes, on the nose, cheeks, forehead

A high-tech procedure, Dermo-lo is a treatment that makes use of a mild electrical current to coagulate a distended (swollen) capillary. The treatment is also known as thermo-coagulation – a regimen that is safe, effective, and non-invasive. The special Dermo-lo stylus only touches the surface of the skin.

Thermo-coagulation treats the dilated section of a capillary, causing the blood in the capillary to “solidify”. While the blood flow is interrupted throughout the treated section, it is actually re-directed into capillaries that are nearby. Healing is quite quick, occurring within 3-5 days of treatment.

The Dermo-lo procedure does not leave scar tissue on the epidermal surface, and in most cases, any post-treatment scabbing will be unnoticeable. Skin reactions after a treatment are minimal, if any. But most important, the procedure is completely safe – using stylus tips that are disposable and sterile.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are small growths that typically appear with age. They can present in the same color as the skin, or appear darker. With only a small capillary connection, they can be removed easily using Dermo-lo.

Ruby Points

These are small areas that contain higher concentrations of dilated capillaries. Ruby Points are circular in shape – they can be smallish and flat (at skin level) or can be thicker and slightly raised above the skin.

Dilated Capillary

Due to a variety of health factors, capillaries may become enlarged. When located close to the skin surface (dermoepidermal junction) they may be visible. Capillary dilation may also be caused by medications.

Spider Angioma

Simply put, they look like “little spiders”. With a central nucleus of dilated capillaries, Spider Angiomas are found mostly on the side of the nose and under the eyes. This capillary condition is possible at any age.

Cholesterol Deposit

This is a collection of cholesterol that affects the upper or lower eyelids. More common on the upper eyelid, it might well be associated with high cholesterol levels. Dermo-lo is a recommended treatment here.


Milia are white bumps that typically appear in the area of the nose and cheek, around the eyes. Sometimes found in groups, milia occur when keratin is trapped under the skin. Milia extraction is successfully treated with Dermo-lo.

As a non-invasive procedure, Dermo-lo is virtually painless. The electrical currents are mild, and have been safely used by aestheticians for over four decades. At worst, some patients will feel a little pricking, but no more. The Dermo-lo 2G treatment program is a procedure that should be performed by a professional – a properly trained and certified technician with experience. More importantly, treatments should only be administered in a professional environment, where the strict standards of hygiene are obeyed and followed.

When it comes to home care, it’s important to be cautious after Dermo-lo. Post treatment scabs should not be removed. The treatment area should not be touched or stretched. And cleansing should be gentle with a mild product. If there is irritation, a cold compress should be used. A moisturizing cream should be applied according to the clinic instructions. It’s also important to avoid sun exposure and abstain from hot saunas, swimming pools, and whirlpools. The good news is that regular make up may be used over the treated area.

At New Skin Beauty, we offer the Dermo-lo 2G procedure in a controlled and supervised clinic setting. Our team is highly trained, using the latest technologies and tools, along with the best skin care products on the market. We offer our new clients custom profiling, and a personalized consultation at no charge. At New Skin Beauty Laser Clinic, the professional team of clinicians will advise and counsel on the most suitable treatment plan. We do our best to make sure that every one of our clients is in the best of hands, and receiving the best of aesthetic care.