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Revitalize Your Skin with
CoolPeel CO2 Laser Resurfacing

FRACTORA Treatment in Toronto - Wrinkles and Skin Rejuvenation

Give your face an overall refreshed, more youthful look and smoother complexion.

CoolPeel CO2 laser resurfacing is a cutting-edge treatment designed to give your face a rejuvenated, youthful appearance with minimal downtime. Unlike traditional CO2 treatments, CoolPeel offers the same resurfacing benefits without the associated risks and extended recovery period.

Why Choose CoolPeel?

CoolPeel is a revolutionary approach to CO2 resurfacing, targeting only the superficial layer of skin tissue. This precise treatment removes damaged skin, revealing a younger, healthier complexion.

What Makes CoolPeel different?

While other CO2 treatments have improved, only CoolPeel offers a fractional ablative treatment with minimal downtime. There’s a reduced risk of side effects like hyperpigmentation or infection.

Benefits of CoolPeel Treatment

  • Reduces fine lines
  • Minimizes sun damage and pore size
  • Improves skin texture
  • Minimal downtime

How Does CoolPeel work?

Performed using the SmartXide Tetra CO2 laser, CoolPeel delivers high energy in short pulses, providing remarkable superficial skin resurfacing results without excessive heat. This ensures an immediate aesthetic effect with rapid recovery.

Ideal Candidates

CoolPeel is suitable for those seeking to diminish fine lines, sun damage, and pore size while improving skin texture. The treatment leaves your skin looking healthier and more youthful.

Treatment Duration

A full-face CoolPeel session typically lasts 5-15 minutes, offering quick and effective results.

Recovery and Aftercare

Following a CoolPeel treatment, expect mild redness, similar to a sunburn, for a day or two. Keep your skin hydrated to address any dryness or scaliness during healing.

Frequency of Treatments

CoolPeel offers ablative-like results without extended downtime. While not a monthly treatment, it provides impressive results.

Safety and Comfort

CoolPeel is FDA-cleared and considered safe. It involves minimal discomfort, and topical numbing cream ensures comfort during the procedure.

Longevity of Results

Results from CoolPeel are long-lasting, provided you protect your skin from sun exposure.

Potential Side Effects

Patients with olive or brown skin have a slight risk of pigmentation changes. Precautions can be taken for those with the human papillomavirus to prevent cold sore outbreaks.


CoolPeel CO2 laser resurfacing offers a transformative solution for achieving smoother, more youthful skin. With its advanced technology and minimal downtime, it’s a safe and effective option for rejuvenating your complexion. Enjoy long-lasting results and the confidence that comes with a revitalized appearance.