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Candela GentleMax Pro Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

The Candela GentleMax Pro is a cutting-edge dual laser hair removal device known for its exceptional performance and versatility. It’s designed to provide safe, permanent hair removal for all skin types, including black, matte, and fair tones.

This advanced device also offers treatments for various pigmentary disorders, skin rejuvenation, and vascular lesions. The Alexandrite laser addresses pigmentary issues like photodamage, freckles, seborrheic keratosis, and lentigines. The Nd: Yag laser is also perfect for mixed and black skin types.

Price List

Package includes 6 sessions


Per session: $150
Package: $700


Per session: $200
Package: $900


Per session: $150
Package: $700

LEGS (Full)

Per session: $250
Package: $1200

LEGS (half)

Per session: $125
Package: $600

ARMS (Full)

Per session: $175
Package: $875

ARMS (Half)

Per session: $100
Package: $500

BACK (Men)

Per session: $200
Package: $1000

Chest (Men)

Per session: $200
Package: $900


Per session: $500
Package: $2500


Per session: $75
Package: $375

Candela's GentleMax Pro boasts a unique combination of two laser technologies:

  • The Alexandrite laser is perfect for fair skin types (phototypes I-IV on the Fitzpatrick scale).
  • The Nd: YAG laser is ideal for mixed and dark skin tones (phototypes V-VI on the Fitzpatrick scale).

This dual-wavelength platform combines the fastest and most potent Alexandrite laser in the market with an Nd: YAG laser, ensuring exceptional speed, efficiency, results, safety, and overall customer satisfaction.

To enhance client comfort, a jet of cryogenic fluid is applied just before each laser pulse, minimizing skin inflammation and making the GentleMax Pro the most comfortable laser option available. With its remarkable speed, underarms can be treated in 10 minutes, a complete bikini area in 15 minutes, and the back in 25 minutes.

Around six sessions are recommended for permanent hair removal, with treatments spaced four weeks apart for the face and six weeks apart for the body.

Advantages of GentleMax Pro:

The Candela GentleMax Pro laser is a gold-standard, award-winning laser known for its dual-platform capabilities. It employs the 755 nm alexandrite laser for fast and powerful hair removal and the equally high-powered 1064 nm Nd: YAG laser for effective hair removal on any skin colour.

Pain Management with GentleMax Pro:

Is the GentleMax Pro procedure painful? No, it isn’t. The integrated dynamic skin cooling system (DCD) allows for customizable levels of skin epidermis cooling, ensuring a more comfortable experience while protecting surrounding tissues.

Vascular Lesion Treatment:

Treatment of Leg Telangiectasia by GentleMax Pro

The GentleMax Pro is an excellent choice for treating leg telangiectasia and reticular veins. Studies have shown good clearance using this laser for vessels measuring between 0.1 and 2.0 mm in diameter.

Treatment of Rosacea and Facial Telangiectasia by GentleMax Pro

For patients with rosacea, the GentleMax Pro Nd: YAG 1064 nm wavelength offers a new and effective technique for treating facial redness and telangiectasia.

Experience the transformative power of Candela GentleMax Pro laser hair removal in Toronto. Schedule your session today for a smoother, more radiant you.